Collaboration Quilts I: An Exploration in Color, Design, and More

In 2004, members of the African American Art Quilters Listserve began creating a series of Collaboration Quilts. Several of the finished works can be seen in the gallery below.

Our Collaboration Process

A group of nearly 20 African American Art Quilters formed groups of 3 or 4 members each. Each member of the team began an artquilt piece. This may have been a “center” or the beginning may have taken other forms, such as strips or blocks. There were no restrictions on approach. Then, each member sent her/his piece to the next person on the list, and that artist added her contribution, and then sent that piece to the next person in the group. Finally, the completed art quilt circles back to the originating artist who then may have made additional changes to complete the piece.

Each group member also created a journal page and forwarded it to their group as they made their contribution to the artquilt.

For information about this project, please contact Carole Lyles Shaw, Curator, at or by phone at 410-913-8539.

Collaboration Quilt Gallery: