Marion Coleman

Artist’s Statement:

warriors quilt
Warriors Quilt

An interest in history, people and the natural environment combined with a preference for rich, bold, vibrant colors guides me to create dramatic imagery of people and places. An unending source of inspiration continues to be old family photos, historical photos from the African American community, personal photos and memories of island life and the grandeur and beauty of the earth. I strive to present the textures and rhythms of our past while embracing the energy of today and the promise of tomorrow using an array of color.

I developed an attraction for fabrics, threads and yarns as a child when I was taught to sew by my grandmother. I began making quilts in the early ’90s after viewing a quilt show in a local museum. Since then my use of color has expanded with the introduction of ethnic fabrics and the availability of dyes, fabric paints and silk screening materials. With the expansion of computer technology I continue to explore photo transfer and transformation combined with textiles.

Marion Coleman

Selected Exhibitions:

“Journey’s Edge: York in the Corps of Discovery”
Third Place, Alameda County Fair
Finalist, Quilt Exposition, American Quilter’s Society 2003
Lewis & Clark Exhibition, Museum of the American Quilter’s Society and various venues through 2006

“Island Beauty”
Third Place, JT Trading Corp., International Quilt Association Houston Quilt Market 2003 and other venues through 2004.